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Heat exchanger and condenser are used in the manufacturing of products that require heat and exchange and condensation processes of materials. The designs of the heat exchanger or condenser are dictated by the process temperatures, heat exchange ratios, the flowing rates and the types of the materials used.

The Heat Exchanger and Vessel are used in the deaeration and degassing of:
- Colors in general
- Latex
- Plastisols
- PVC Compound Masses
- Lubricating greases
- Distilled whisky
- Seasoning products

Lersak offers planning and construction of complete plants featuring:
- process control systems, from ingredient handling to packaged end-products
- steam piping, chilled piping, compressed-air piping, and deionization piping

Cresent Minaret Cooling Tower
Cresent Minaret  

Cresent Minaret Pressure Tank

SUS 304
Cresent Minaret  

Cresent Minaret Heat Exchanger

Year 2009
Cresent Minaret  

Cresent Minaret Heat Exchanger

Year 2009
Cresent Minaret  

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